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The Website domain belongs to ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA., which is responsible for its operation and management.

The use of the Website by third parties implies, from now on, the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use (“TCU”) by its Users.


ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA., as owner of the Site, may, at any time, prohibit access to third parties, particularly for repair or maintenance purposes. Additionally, it will be up to ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA. the right to terminate it at any time should any circumstance occur that, in its opinion, justifies it.


It belongs to ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA. copyright on all texts, designs, images, graphics and other content displayed on the Website.

Users are not authorized to reproduce, copy, alter, sell or use these elements without previously obtaining the necessary written authorization from ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA.


For the purposes of creating an account for Website Users, they will always be asked to provide an email contact and an access password. It is up to the User to keep this data in a safe place and change it if there is evidence of abusive use of the account by unauthorized third parties;

Likewise, if the data or personal information provided by Users changes, it will be their responsibility to update those elements;

Without prejudice, the privacy of Website Users is a special concern for ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA. In this sense, we have approved a Privacy Policy which defines the general principles applicable to the collection and processing of personal data, which we will strictly comply with;

Our Privacy Policy is complemented by our Cookies Policy.


The Site provides, through hyperlinks, access to websites of third parties.

However, as such Websites are not controlled or operated by ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA., the respective terms and conditions of use do not apply to them. In this sense, ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA. is not responsible for the content or content of the terms and conditions of use of third party websites.


ESPIRITO REBELDE, LDA. reserves the right to make any changes that prove necessary in these TCU. Whenever this happens, they will be published on the Website, so it is advisable that Website Users consult it regularly.


If Users have any questions related to these TCU, the following contacts may be used: info@espiritorebelde.pt


Product transactions carried out are subject to Portuguese legislation and are regulated by the following conditions:

Buy and Sell

1. The products are presented on the Website with a description that allows the Buyer to know their essential characteristics and their price;

2. VAT is added to all products presented at the current rate;

3. The Buyer selects the product(s) he intends to purchase;

4. The Buyer confirms their choice of Product(s) and acknowledges and accepts these Terms and Conditions through a validation click;

5. Our products and offers are limited to existing stock;

6. The Buyer receives an email message confirming acceptance of their order;

7. Orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days on average, after we receive proof of payment;

8. If the same Product is the subject of an order by several Buyers at the same time, and depending on the availability of this Product, it will be sold to the first Buyer to register and pay for their order. The order submitted by the remaining Buyers will be awaiting stock;

9. Espírito Rebelde reserves the right to change the marketing conditions of the products presented;

10. Espírito Rebelde makes every effort to ensure that the information presented is free from typographical errors and, whenever these occur and are detected, it will correct them as soon as possible;

11. Espírito Rebelde cannot be held responsible if there are errors in the values and/or characteristics of the products, when these arise from technical problems beyond its control;

12. Prices and specifications of products contained on this website are subject to change without prior notice;

13. Products may have different batches/manufacturers, meaning they may vary from what is stated, whilst maintaining their main characteristics. Therefore, Products from different batches/manufacturers can be sent in the same order;

14. Delivery of personalized items within 5 business days is subject to an urgency fee of €150 and only for items available in stock. Contact our support center to confirm the possibility of delivery within this period;

15. First of all, it is worth mentioning that the majority of our printing on paper bags, particularly in digital or single color, normally below 5000 units, is done on a non-smooth surface as the paper bag has already been produced ; This will mean that the print may have imperfections that we accept and consider as normal; We have a printing department that can provide you with further information if you have any questions about this - please call +351 220 994 155;

15.1. In digital printing there is the occurrence of some horizontal and/or vertical lines that always occur but with particular emphasis on large ink stain prints;

15.2. In digital printing, all colors are converted to cmyk without using pantones . In these cases, they are converted to the nearest cmyk;

16. In personalized and/or printed orders there is a margin of error of 20% more or less than can be debited or credited to the customer - let us know if you have any questions. It is also mandatory to pay 40% of the order at the time of ordering when it is personalized, even if the payment method is upon delivery of the goods;

17. Prints on bags and boxes when they are more than one color, they must be at least 2 cm apart from each other - there is a margin of error in the place where the print will be placed of 4 cm on each side which is acceptable for machinery reasons;

18. For technical reasons or reasons of force majeure, Espírito Rebelde reserves the right to change graphics that are necessary to carry out the work with quality and that for a reason have to be rectified. The fact that printing is carried out on a non-flat surface means that immediate solutions have to be adopted during the work, even without the client's authorization;

18.1 For reasons of force majeure resulting from consecutive increases in raw materials and shortages thereof, Espirito Rebelde reserves the right to change the price of orders already placed or to cancel them;

19. When placing an order with printing, you must pay for it, then our design department will contact you by email, with a virtual model with the necessary adjustments, after approval, we will begin production. Read our accepted file rules. Delivery time can vary between 2 and 6 weeks, but check our manufacturing times page or you can contact our commercial support directly by email at info@espiritorebelde.pt;

20. Delivery times can be found at https://espiritorebelde.pt/store/pt/content/7-tempo-fabrico;

21. Dimensions and/or thicknesses and/or quantities indicated may vary by 10%;

22. Due to the company's diverse areas of activity, all coupons and discounts must be validated according to the conditions contained on this platform;

23. It is prohibited to cancel orders to take advantage of discounts that the user has access to after completing the order, even if the order has not yet been paid for;

24. Green point fees are included in all articles;

25. The images on the website are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the final product;

26. The images on the website are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the final product;

26. The Buyer must confirm:

(1) Receipt of the product(s);      

(2) Conformity of the product(s) (product conformity is understood to correspond to what was ordered and the quantity);

(3) Product status (which corresponds to the description on the Website at the time of purchase) in "My Account". In the absence of confirmation, within 48 hours for quantity issues and 30 days for Product quality issues, it is assumed that it was received in accordance and in good condition;

(4) The customer can cancel orders 15 days after delivery, however Espírito Rebelde must charge the customer with all handling, transportation and packaging costs, with the exception of printed products, products unavailable for immediate delivery;

(5) In the event of order cancellation, which is not accepted by the company's administration, it may lead to the cancellation of the Buyer's account; 

Price and Payment

1. The purchase price of the Product is determined by the Seller. The price is indicated in euros, but excluding taxes and delivery charges, which are added before the order is validated;

2. Espirito Rebelde accepts payments in the following ways: credit and debit card; Bank transfer; payment by ATM reference and collection, the latter of which has an additional fee that is indicated before the order is validated and is only available for mainland Portugal;

3. Espirito Rebelde does not refund amounts already paid, remaining in credit;

4. Credit is issued as a voucher valid for 1 year.


1.The carrier has the following delivery hours of 9am-7pm from Monday to Friday, so someone must be on site to receive the material; If no one is there to receive the order, it is returned to Espirito Rebelde or left at a ParcelShop . If the material is returned to Espirito Rebelde, a new shipping charge will be charged;

2. Orders are dispatched within 1 to 2 business days, after we receive proof of payment;

3. In special seasons (Christmas, Easter, summer holidays and national holidays) the shipping time may be longer. If the workflow is abnormal, the submission deadline may be longer than that stipulated on the platform;

4. The order can be sent by courier or collected at our facilities by the customer or the customer's courier;

5. The material is only delivered to the ground floor and is not delivered to upper floors, PO boxes or CTT collection points;

6. After the order has been dispatched, Espírito Rebelde no longer has any control over it, so any contact regarding the respective order must be carried out between the customer and the carrier, for which they must request the carrier's contact details if they do not already have them. with you as well as tracking numbers - if any;

7. Espírito Rebelde may ship using a carrier other than the one chosen by the customer without the need for prior notice or authorization;

8. Purchases collected at our facilities in Maia are delivered in plastic bags and cannot be packed in boxes;

8.1. For orders worth less than €30+VAT, a processing fee of €1+VAT applies;

8.2. As soon as your order is available for collection, you will receive an email with the address and time information to collect it;

9. Goods ready for more than 1 year (365 days) in our facilities become the property of Espírito Rebelde again, without the right to compensation or compensation;

10. If you wish to be contacted in advance by our carrier, you must contact us to find out the amounts charged for this service.


1. Our company guarantees that the goods are delivered to the carrier in perfect condition, so we cannot be held responsible for transport problems. However, they are covered by insurance that covers up to €10 per kg, and you can choose to add an extra amount to your insurance (1.5% of the value of the merchandise);


1. We only accept returns within 14 days;

2. Our company does not accept returns of printed items for reasons attributable to the Buyer;

3. In non-personalized orders, the Buyer can make an exchange or return, but the resulting costs will be borne by the Buyer;

4. The Product(s) must be returned in the original and complete state(s) (packaging, accessories, etc.) packaged in the same way as when dispatched, within 30 (thirty) days from receipt;

5. The consumer has the right to freely terminate this contract within 14 calendar days, without needing to indicate any reason. The deadline for exercising the right of free resolution expires 14 days from the day following the day of receipt

(1)In order to exercise your right to free resolution, you must notify us;

(2)Your decision to terminate this contract by means of an unequivocal statement (e.g. letter sent by post, fax or email);

(3) For this purpose, you can fill out the following form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15ZDJ6KRhRgMvuRZ2Ii-L-SON7Vz0Ha9d/view;

(4) For the free resolution period to be respected, it is sufficient that your communication regarding the exercise of the right to free resolution is sent before the end of the resolution period.


1. The Seller undertakes to respond to email messages from Customer Service as well as email messages from Buyers within a maximum period of 72 hours from their receipt;

2. The Seller undertakes and guarantees that he will only sell Products that he owns or over which he has rights that allow him to sell them. The Seller guarantees that the Products do not violate current legislation or applicable standards, whether mandatory or not, and that they do not harm the rights of third parties, including intellectual, industrial property and/or copyright. Accordingly, the Seller undertakes in particular not to sell any Product that constitutes a counterfeit work under the terms of the Copyright and Related Rights Code or any Product whose commercialization is regulated by legislative, regulatory or contractual provisions (namely due to the existence of a selective distribution network). The Seller is solely responsible for offering for sale the Products proposed in the Service;

3. Regarding the description of the Products, Espirito Rebelde, Lda., undertakes to act in good faith, being solely responsible for the accuracy of the information and undertakes to ensure that it does not create a risk of misleading Buyers potential, both with regard to the characteristics of the Product and with regard to its condition or its price;

4. The Products sold on the Website are covered by a guarantee of conformity, ensured by the Seller, in accordance with the legislation applicable to the category of goods in which they fall.

Competence to Resolve Consumer Disputes

In the event of a dispute, the consumer can resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity:

1.CICAP – Porto;

2.CIMAAL – Algarve;

3.CACCDC – Coimbra;

4.CACCL – Lisbon;

5.CIAB – Braga;

6.CACCVA – Vale do Ave;

7.CACCRAM – Wood;

8.CNIACC – when none of the others consider themselves competent.

Jurisdiction: The courts of the District of Porto are competent to judge possible cases of litigation , with the express exclusion and waiver of others.

Affiliate Program

1. The Affiliate Program is a commission system in which the affiliate receives a commission from payments for orders in the Espirito Rebelde online store that he raises;

2. To be an affiliate of Espirito Rebelde you must register at https://espiritorebelde.pt/store/pt/login?back=my-account#account-creation;

3. After completing registration in the affiliate program, the affiliate will be given a link with which to promote Espirito Rebelde;

4. The affiliate receives a percentage of payments for orders in the Espirito Rebelde online store that he raises with his affiliate link;

5. For each order placed, the affiliate receives 7% of the amount paid for the order;

6. The affiliate can check the order commissions in detail in their affiliate account;

7. Payment of commissions is made by bank transfer under the following conditions: Payment will be made within 7 working days after the commission has been considered valid;

8. Espirito Rebelde has the right to change the commission values, structure and payment conditions without prior notice;

9. The affiliate can cancel their registration in the Espirito Rebelde affiliate program at any time;

10. In the event of fraud, failure to fully comply with these terms and conditions or any other unacceptable behavior on the part of the affiliate, Espirito Rebelo may suspend your affiliate privileges or terminate your registration without prior notice.