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Founded in 2008 the Espírito Rebelde Company is an online platform for packaging solutions. "Packing around the world" is our policy of success, which has consecrated us a national and international reference, with customers spread all over Europe.
Constantly expanding, we follow market trends and extend our portfolio of products to always have the best solution especially for you.
Buy with us is simple and convenient, our production units allow us to meet the needs of individuals to large companies. We worked in the areas of paper bags, plastic bags, boxes, glass packaging, outer packaging and protection.
All this is possible only because of our team, armed with young talent, always ready to solve your problem and provide quality services.


We intend to be leaders in the digital commerce of packaging, with an innovative and unusual platform in the market, able to meet the needs of each customer


Our focus is to offer innovative solutions to your needs, with our process of continuous quality improvement, we work every day to exceed delivery times, make the user experience simpler and exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers and employees , following all the norms and legal requirements.


Quality and Efficiency- We add value to the business of our customers always guaranteeing a high quality in our products.

Innovation- In constant evolution, our platform focuses on the user experience.

Social responsability - We have environmental concerns and we are adept at the healthy development of the society in which we are inserted.

Think Global – “ Packing around the world”.

Ethics and trust- We are committed to creating long-term relationships of trust by meeting the needs and each client.

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