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Tietosuojan esittely

Tämä sivusto käyttää evästeitä, jotta voimme tarjota sinulle parhaan käyttökokemuksen. Evästeiden tiedot tallennetaan selaimeesi ja suorittavat sellaisia toimintoja, kuten tunnistamisen, kun palataan sivustoomme ja auttaa ryhmäämme selvittämään, mitkä sivustosi osuudet ovat kiinnostavia ja hyödyllisiä.

Voit säätää kaikki evästeasetusten siirtymällä välilehtiä vasemmalla puolella.

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Secure Payments

In Espirito Rebelde, consumers are at the heart of the matter, with our protocols, we guarantee that your entire purchase process will be comfortable, simple, fast, secure and all data will be encrypted and protected..

In addition to the advantages already inherent, our site is protected by protocol HTTPS

What is HTTPS?

The HTTPS protocol is usually used when it is desired to prevent the information transmitted between the client and the server from being viewed by third parties, such as in the case of online purchases. The existence in the address bar of a lock (which can be left or right, depending on the browser used) demonstrates secure page certification (SSL). The existence of this certificate indicates the use of the HTTPS protocol and that the communication between the browser and the server will take place in a secure way.

Secure Payments

Bank transfer

The order is processed as soon as we receive the proof of payment from the customer. The data for transfer / deposit / e-banking are:

Name: Espirito Rebelde Unipessoal Lda.

Bank: NOVO BANCO - Antigo BES

Account 000223621182

NIB: 000700000022362118223

IBAN: PT50000700000022362118223


Credit Card

Payment by credit card is totally safe, the Rebel Spirit Complies with all the security rules established by the regulatory entities: Visa/Discover/MasterCard/American Express.

The security code is a three-digit number printed on the back of the card.

For even greater security we still have the 3-D Secure Protocol, to prevent others from fraudulently using consumer cards.

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